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Farida Tahir, a graduate of Political Sciences (1998) is a seasoned banker with over 15 years of banking experiences, she obtained a post graduate diploma in management (1999) and has acquired a vast experience over the years in various positions in the Mega Banking Operations, Retail, and Commercial Banking from Africa International Bank (AIB), Platinum Bank Limited to Bank PHB Plc (1999 – 2010). Afterwards she resigned to pursue her dream of selfless service to the poor and the economically marginalized group in her community, which culminate her involvement in the microfinance banking system from mid 2010 to date. She joined Grassroot` microfinance bank limited as the GM business development & strategy, a position that was responsible for products development and creation of customer base. She became a certified microfinance practitioner in 2012. This spurs her desire to obtain more training in various fields in microfinance from both local and international institutions. Following a confirmation of her un-relented passion and understanding of the market in environment, she was appointed as the MD/CEO of the bank in February 2012. Since she assumed this position her ultimate goal was to have a change of focus (based on the pressing demand from the market) to Islamic microfinance banking system. An aim that triggered her to acquire a Masters degree in Islamic Banking and finance from the International Institute of Islamic Banking & Finance (BUK) in Nigeria (2014).

Other personal achievements:

As a onetime first lady (1999-2003) of a local government community, Farida has been involved in many community development programs that have impacted largely in the lives of her people. However, in 2007, she founded MIA (mata iyayen al’umma) a women based cooperative society offering interest free financial and non financial services that have aided the empowerment of over 2000 members across different rural communities in Kano. In same year she founded MIA foundation, a body that focuses on creating opportunities and financial inclusion of women and other marginalized groups in the society.