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Saving Products




Regular Savings Account

This account is a voluntary savings scheme targeted at individuals, Students, Salary earners, Students, Joint individuals, Associations, Clubs, Societies and Institutions.

  • Minimum opening balance of N2000 for individuals and minimum withdrawal balance of N500
  • Minimum opening balance of N5,000 for groups and minimum withdrawal balance of N1000
  • Account maintenance fee applied.

Dashi Savings

Individuals, Salary earners, Students, Joint individuals, Associations, Clubs, Societies and Institutions.

  • Minimum limit amount that can be saved daily is N500, the client can make contribution on daily, weekly and monthly basis.
  • Withdrawal period will be predetermined by the client subject to a minimum tenure of 3months.
  • Individual and group contribution savings.


This is a unique blend of savings and financing scheme (ROSCA) for the benefit of our customers. Our customers are allowed to mandatorily save for 15 days and they are favored with an upfront soft facility up to the end of the month. The product is recycled monthly.

  • Minimum opening balance of N1000
  • Regular savings to accommodate guaranty funds for financing
  • Possibility of a special financing  options
  • Minimum daily savings of N500.

Term Deposit

This is a Tenored deposit account which provides investment platforms for both parties with reasonable Profit margin. With this risk assets are created through the provision of consumable goods to civil servants and other paid workers who collects their monthly pay through our bank.

  • Minimum deposit of N100, 000 over an agreed period of time.
    • Attractive profit margin
    • May be renewed after maturity of transaction
    • Flexible deposit periods

Term Deposit + (Ajiya ta musamman)

This is a socially responsible fixed deposit account which provides a platform for socially minded individuals, Affluent Persons, Government, Donors, NGOs, Associations, Clubs & Societies and Other Corporate Institutions who wish to carry out their corporate social responsibilities via this medium and wish to impact on the society by empowering the lives of the poor, while deriving unquantifiable reward.

  • Minimum deposit of N1,000,000.00
  • Minimum of 3 months tenure
  • Return On Investment – ROI